Ethics Channel

The Ethics Channel was created to record doubts or suggestions regarding the Code of Conduct and for the reporting of conduct that does not comply with Even’s ethical culture.

Contact is made through Contato Seguro, an outsourced company that ensures the confidentiality of the information in question and the absolute anonymity of the informant under all circumstances.

To enter into contact, please call 0800-648-6324. These calls are toll-free and service is 24/7. Or, if you prefer, access the site and type Even in the name of the organization.

If you identify or suspect incorrect behavior within Even, report your suspicions by phone or through the site mentioned above. You can also use the channel to make suggestions or to clear up any doubts regarding Even’s Code of Conduct.

Incorrect conduct is defined as any behavior and/or situation that does not comply with Even’s Code of Conduct.

After your report has been received, it will be forwarded to a conduct committee which will examine it. If it is confirmed, the appropriate measures will be taken. In addition, all communications will receive a reply which can be consulted on the Channel.